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CSIO 2018: Interview with Tjark Nagel and Christa Heibach

8. 3. 2018 | Author: Equestrian center Zduchovice

Tjark Nagel is a famous successful German rider and a member of the German team, who since 2007 has worked as a coach. He has succeeded in several Nation Cups, as coach he excels with his representatives not only from Germany but also with Czech riders. He is a respected guest of the showjumpings, so we were delighted that he visited us in Zduchovice and he is regular guest from October 2017. He also came with Christa Heibach from Aachen, one of the best Course Designer in the world, among others, participating in World Equestrian Games and the Olympic Games. We asked them some questions in connection with the upcoming event CSIO 2018.

Welcome in Zduchovice. How do you like it here?

Tjark: The conditions here are great, the indoor arena, spacious showjumping arena, pleasant hotel, I like it very much here. Everyone is very nice and helpful when there is a need for change.

Christa: I like it very much too, I have been here several times, if I did not like it here, I would not come here (smile).

How is your participation in CSIO 2018 in Zduchovice?

Christa: It is already necessary to start, step by step to prepare, but it is every year quite the same. Foreign people are also already receiving invitations, so they can decide in time whether their teams would participate.

What are the chances of Czech riders?

Tjark: The riders are doing very well in the category of children; they could compete in the European Championships and at the international level. The juniors are on the right way, now it can be a big jump and they could improve. With young riders it is worse, because there are few, but eventually they will be able to put the team on an international level. This is mainly done by training, trying to move on and working to improve the level.

What would you recommend to riders to be the best?

Tjark: It is a long way; it is not easy to get to the top. Many young riders make their way to the top thanks to their parents who support them at all costs, but the way is really long.

"The event was also attended by Thomas Voß, a successful international jump rider, especially with the horses Clinton H., Leornardo B. and in recent years with Carinjo, with whom he won second place in the Grand Prix in Aachen 2012."

Tjark: We used to ride together before, we are good friends. Thomas came here to see how I train and get some experience because he would like to train, too. He also came to get inspiration from courses by Christa. Thomas also commented the individual rides in action, which was an advantage also for us, that we heard another person's opinion.

Christa: For the Czech Republic, it's a great opportunity; organizing CSIO is very prestigious for the Czech Republic. We hope that the Czech Republic will continue to move on the international level. We must also not forget that this sport must be built on young people. Today, young rides, but then adult riders, who win big prizes.

"Do you know that CSIO is financially extremely demanding? So our goal is to gradually work on the organization of a large CSIO within the Czech Republic, not only for children, juniors and young riders. Big thanks to our sponsors who are making this showjumping to happen.”

Christa: It is also very important to know which countries are chosen to invite the riders.

"Now there are invited riders from Poland, Hungary - from the immediate surroundings, where the competition is of a similar level, but we also try to invite the nations to a higher level than we are, which reduces the chances of our riders, but it must be compared with the top. "

What would you improve in the Zduchovice Equestrian Complex?

Christa: There is always something to improve. It is important that each year the facility of the resort improves, that is the basic of success.

"And we are trying! You have something to look forward to :-)"


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