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Pension Jezerná

» Accommodation offer 2011 - CSI

Boarding house offers at the present time a capacity of 40 beds.

All rooms have been renovated inlcuded WC, lavatories and showers). Kitchen and restaurant have been renovated in years 2005 and 2006.

In 2005 we built up a Summer terrace which is connected to the restaurant of the boarding house. The terrace has direct view over the tiltyard. In 2007 the Summer restaurant (with capacity of 250 persons) has been renovated with direct view over the tiltyard.

During CSI events we are able to book hotel nearby our resort.

  *     * 
Customer, order made on behalf of
* Quadruple Multiple (8 beds)

I herewith proclaim that I agree with the bellow mentioned articles:

  1. The price includes the above-ordered services
  2. The price does not include insurance of people
  3. The stay has to be fully prepaid 14 days prior to the arrival
  4. Cancellation fees:
    1. 14 days prior to the arrival - 0%
    2. 7 days prior to the arrival - 50%
    3. 4 days prior to the arrival - 100%
  5. I also state that I engage in all of the activities on the horse (training, ride, manege, etc.) on my own responsibility and from my own will. If I am the supervisor of an under-age I state that this person is engaged in all horse-related activities on his/her responsibility and from his/her own will and with my acknowledgement.
  6. I also commit myself to respect orders of the owner, trainer and attendants, to act in accordance with the regulations of the horseback-riding resort Zduchovice that have been presented to me in both spoken and written form. I will also acquaint my companions with these regulations.
  7. I am aware of the fact that should my carelessness or intention cause any damage to the team (to any equipment, person or horse) and should this damage not be covered from the insurance, I commit myself to cover the expenses connected with the repair. This also accounts for the other people for whom I by this contract buy their stay.
  8. All of this infoarmation is confidential

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